Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Me? Cheap? Why yes I am.

No surprise there, right? Well I've been busy.
I've started clipping coupons, and have been obsessively prowling the 'net looking for ways to score the following:
a. free samples
b. printable coupons (and my frustrations with this would take up the whole page)
c. ways to get free or very cheap products at stores
d. companies to write with praise in exchange for free samples and coupons (LOL!)

It's amazing what you can get with minimal effort. Here is a run-down of the last few days:
Has the single-check-rebate program, with FREE after rebate items each week.
*I spent 27.97 on a Conair hair clipper set, Crest night care toothpaste and a hair product. The toothpaste and hair stuff was free after rebate, the clipper set I'll get $5 back.

Has the EasySaver program with various "free after rebate" items along with coupons and rebates galore each month.
Spent $25.46. I got:
*2 Theragran multi-vits-130ct (Buy one get one free-BOGO) for $4.99, and there is a full rebate on it, so two for free!
*Walgreen's calcium chewies-75ct, were $5.99, free after rebate (FAR). Ecotrin 80mg was FAR as well.
*I also got three boxes of cereal (fiber one and honey nut cheerios) on sale 3/$7. You get a $2 "register reward (rr) for use on your next purchase so they were 3/$5. I had two $1/off coupons and one .50/off coupon, so they ended up being $.83/box! Grace loves the cheerios (honey!) and the fiber one is good in granola and cookies!

Fred Meyer:
*4 free cans of catfood at 0.50 each (TryMeFree-TMF-coupons)
*Two boxes Near East couscous, on sale 2/$5, I had two .50/off coupons, so 2/$4(bryce LOVES this stuff!)
*Thomas Bagels were on sale 2/$6 (LOVE the Everything bagels!) I had a buy 3 get $3/off coupon, so they were 3/$6! Not much different than store brand prices, but SO much better tasting!
*Tums Quikpak, 24ct $4.59, free after mail-in rebate form
*Excedrin back and body, 24ct $3.69, free after mail-in rebate form
*BIC soleil razor refills (4ct) on sale for $4.99, had $4/off coupon, so $.99
*BIC soleil razor on sale for $5.99, had another $4/off coupon, so $1.99 (these are regularly around $8/each)
I also had a surprise with this one! I earned $1/off next purchase(anything) from Excedrin!

*grapes on sale 2lbs/$1.99
*Free attune bar with coupon they sent
*and asked about Starbucks coffee for soldiers program. (emailing them today...for my brother)

I've also been emailing companies with praise, and have gotten these responses so far:
From Boudreaux's butt paste:
"Dear Jill:
Thank you for taking the time to comment regarding Butt Paste. We'd be
happy to send a few complimentary samples for your friends. We'll
also include a tube of the new Baby Kisses and Baby Butt Smooth for your little girls to try."
From StonyField Farms (great organic dairy products):
"Hello Jill ,
We are thrilled to hear that you and your family love our products and
we appreciate your support! We have placed some coupons in the mail for
you to use the next time you purchase our products.
The folks at Stonyfield Farm"
From Coffee-mate (man I'm addicted!):
"Thank you again for your feedback. In appreciation of your loyalty, we will be following up
via regular mail with a complimentary coupon. Please allow seven to ten business days for receipt. We appreciate your interest and hope you will continue to use and enjoy our products. Please visit our website often for the latest information on Nestlé products and promotions."

I'll continue posting good deals I've found! It's fun coming home with a bag of free stuff!

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Jeff said...

Free is great:

This works on nappy rash and tbh honest as a general preventative 'put it on anyway just in case':

nappy rash or try http://www.buttpaste.co.uk if the other one doesn't work. Best of all thought they will send you a free sample, how excellent is that.

I hope this helps..