Monday, August 20, 2007

A new pic of sprout!

Here is sprout at 10 weeks. Forgive the blobbishness! S/he wouldn't cooperate and kept turning away. You are seeing most of the back in this pic (it's a 3d ultrasound) Heartbeat was 164, so I'm betting girl! And grace calls the baby Ayla, which will be her name if she's a girl, so it must be true. lol
(ok, adding this the next day...forgive my pregnancy brain. I had sprout flipped upside down! Here is the REAL pic lol)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Stunt double at age twenty months

She's lost her tiny little mind! I thought girls were supposed to be into dolls, and tea parties, and all that stuff! Nope, this is what we caught Grace doing tonight. (that table is very wobbly and about 2.5 feet tall)

And one of sprout, taken today. Growing like crazy! I'm HUGE, and not even 10 weeks!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Grace and her new pool! (and other pics)

Grace and dad in her new pool!

Mom and Sprout get to play too. :)

Grace and Jeffrey, the boy next door that gave her the new pool.

Grace "helping" pick the garden. She loves her broccoli!

And some garden pics:

Roma tomatoes (we have three or four of these plants)

Cherry tomatoes. These are about 6 feet tall and just laden with tomaters. We have about six or seven of these type.

There are five Brandywine, a pear, a jellybean, some early girl, patio prize, and a few more full of maters. We're kind of getting overrun... lol.

Sprout and it's home.

We had an early ultrasound of Sprout on the 27th to make sure everything was going as planned. S/he had a healthy heartbeat and was a perfect size. We go back on the 20th, when I'm 10 weeks, to have another looksie. Hopefully we'll see a little jumping bean(sprout) lol.

And here is the belly! It feels like I'm growing so fast this time. I guess a combination of losing some weight and having been very recently pregnant makes things all that much more stretchy!

8 weeks (now)

and for comparison, here is two weeks ago at 6 weeks: