Sunday, September 30, 2007

Some really late Labor Day pics!

We've been really busy with the garden and trying to paint the house, so have been neglectful in both taking and posting new pictures! This month will be better! Promise! :D

Showing us her "smile" at the beach house:

Playing on the beach with cousin Alex (who just turned 1 on Sept. 4th!)

With Uncle Josh:

With Daddy on the beach, running straight to the waves as usual!

Rocks and seashells make great memories!

With Mommy on the beach, wave hopping!

At the zoo, looking at the elephants:

Playing with Daddy and the silkies!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Pics from the ER

Here are the pics we got of Sprout in the ER Saturday night. I couldn't believe how much our little one was moving!

Back. You can see the head on the right and the little white line (spine) along the bottom. i love that you can see the little hand and arm on the top!

Face on the right. You can see the little eye sockets and mouth, although Bryce and I agree it is more than slightly alien looking lol!

The whole body. Profile of the face on the right, and you can see the beginning of the femur on the left along with the rest of the leg. Look at that little budda belly!

Nice profile of the face. Right before this one was snapped we saw the baby sucking it's fingers!