Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tuesday's mad dash!

Luckily it will just be the bug and I. Bear will be at Tiffany's house for the day. Here's a quick rundown of what I've got to accomplish in just a couple of hours (luckily all the stores are within a couple blocks of each other!)

  • Buy 2 12pk pop (pepsi, coke or 7-up brands) get 3 free!
  • Tostitos are BOGO, so we'll be stocking up for salsa season!
  • Ball park franks (good for BBQ season!) are BOG2! Wow!
  • Boca burgers (yum!) are 2/$3 with two $1off coups I have
  • 100ct tea is $1.00 (we go through tons in the summer!)
  • Bisquick and Betty Crocker brownie/cake mixes are 4/$2 with two $1off/2 coups
  • Soleil Razors (yup...the same ones as before!) are $4.29, and I have three more $4off coups! That's $.29each! And regular price is like 8 bucks. That makes 2 razors and 5 refills (4ct each) we'll have gotten by Tuesday for a whopping $6.83!!!
  • Dannon Activia & DanActive 4pks are 2/$5, I have 2 $1off coups, so 2/$3, or $.37 each piece.
  • S & W beans are $.50 each. We use a lot of black beans on salads!
  • Progresso bread crumbs are $1.00
  • Redbox (inside Albie's) Free movie with one of my numerous free codes (email me if you want one!)

Fred Meyer:
  • Nature's Way Rice-a-roni pasta mixes are between $.97 and $1.10, and I have three or so $.50off coups making them between $.47 and $.60 each.
  • Ortega diced green chilies are on sale 4/$5, and I have two (ok, a lot more than 2!) $1off/2 coups, making them 4/$3, or $.75 each. We love these!
  • WestSoy Organic Tofu will be the same price as non-organic with the $1/off coup I pulled off the packages. *blush* (yes, I went through the store peeling coups off of products I planned on buying so I could remember the deals!)
  • Free pet stuff again! Another free Meow Mix Market cup, and a Healthful life 16oz pouch for free this week!
  • Going to check the price on Wholesome Goodness Cat & Dog food, I have $2/off and $3/off coups on 3lb or 3.6lb or more.
  • Santa Cruz organic lemonade and limeade, all flavors, are $.99 this week!

Walgreen's (slim pickings for the July FAR!):
  • Hebert's Fully Loaded chocolate bar is FAR this month (mmm...goodies for mama!)
  • And now for my diaper deal, as seen on Babycheapskates this morning (see bloglist) You can read the whole report, with details of how to do it here. It boils down to paying $4.47 out-of-pocket (OOP) for three jumbo bags of Walgreen's brand diapers, and then getting a $5 register reward back, so you actually MAKE money on them. Craziness? Watch me! I'm going back twice. Yes, we use cloth on Aylers, but we do use disposables at night (the girl pees gallons I swear.) So we'll be set on dipes for a very long time. (sara, if you want some let me know!)
  • With our two $5 rr, and $2 rr from last week (or $12 total) we're going to buy a bunch of vitamins, which are BOGO, that we just ran out of. Great, isn't it?

  • Oxy Face Wash is free after Single Check Rebate
Phew! And then after all of that we have normal grocery shopping to do! Which means perusing the isles looking for sales, and then heading to Grocery Outlet to complete it all. REALLY glad that Grace won't be along for the ride on this one!

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