Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First pool trip of the year!

It wasn't overly warm for this time of year today...right around 80 degrees I think. But Grace was begging to go to the pool. She even insisted on wearing her "dotdot" swimsuit around Ugh.

So we met daddy in town, after picking up a swim dipe from Mo and Nolan (who is crawling at 6.5 months! This boy is a go-getter!)

Grace, who last year was terrified of the "big" pool, scared US this year. We were the only ones there ('s a small town after all!) and she went WILD! She had it in her head that she could do it by herself without any help from mommy or daddy at all. She didn't want her floatie. She didn't want to hold onto the wall. She would just take off on her tippie toes across the pool to one of us. Even after practically coughing up a lung more than a few times by going under. She was relentless! So we may have to work on the whole "me-do" thing. I blame it all on Daddy...Grandma says he was the same way! (gee, as if we didn't see the similarities thus far!)

Ayla of course was her usual i-love-the-water-let-me-eat-my-hand self. And then:
Yup. She was fine, chillin' like she usually does, until the breeze got her. She threw herself back, getting water in her face, inhaled it, and then couldn't figure out how to breathe because the wind was still "getting" her. *eye-roll goes here* Little miss dramatic!

So after all of THAT, we came home, made barbecued chicken pizza, and the Man and I had a drink. And then lattes. *teehee*

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