Tuesday, June 24, 2008


After nearly four years of generalized abstinence from caffeine (thanks, poor broken body! sheesh!) I've been enjoying my dear friend coffee again. There is nothing better than waking to the smell of fresh ground beans and the sound of the slow-drip.
But in the evenings my darling walking-dead husband needs something not only caffeinated (maybe an I.V. in the arm would suffice?) but cold to wake him up. And in comes the iced lattes. He's been making them himself out of my Lactaid (puke) and the espresso machine, using whatever we have to flavor them. Usually chocolate syrup of my beloved Coffee-mate (which he tries to sneak, in fear of a rabid attack from a caffeine-crazed housewife) After reading the MotherLoad(see sidebar), I was lead to this site on how to make your own coffee syrup!

I made two flavors, vanilla and almond, but I used 2tbsp flavoring in each instead of the recommended 1tsp. We like our flavors strong, because we make BIG lattes (think 7-11 big!)
Each batch made a jelly jar full, enough for more than a few pick-me-ups. I intend on making more of this in flavors like lemon and orange for Grace's new snowcone machine.

And here is a recipe for our iced lattes:
Fill a large(no, really) cup with ice. Pour cooled coffee (or espresso for those of you wanting more of a buzz) to the half-way point (or be like Bryce and fill it to within an inch of the rim of a 24oz cup) Add about 3tbsp for a really big cup, or less for smaller. Experiment with what you like. Mix flavors too! Fill rest of the way with milk, then stir. Enjoy!

For a blended latte, you can fill ice cube trays with a pot of strong brewed coffee (after it has cooled of course!) and freeze. When you are ready to make a latte, simply take them out, add your flavoring and milk, and blend! Lots better than those nasty-sweet lattes that cost you your first born at Starbuck's, or the chemical-full-whole-milk-infused cups of death from McDonald's.

Now go! Go make some lattes! (or in mom-E's case, drink the one you already have in your hand *wink*)

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