Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Scores of the day!

Lots of coupons on their way today from our favorite companies! And from Bordeaux's butt paste (love this stuff!) I got a HUGE package of samples in the mail! I was thinking...yeah, a few coupons and a sample maybe. So imagine my surprise when I got:
  • About thirty samples of the butt paste, with 3-4 applications in each! Great to share with friends!
  • A full-sized tube of their Baby Butt Smooth which I swear was divine intervention! Ayla's skin is very very dry right now and nothing I've found has worked. As soon as I put this stuff on, her skin was smooth and soft again within minutes! And it wasn't greasy feeling at all!
  • A full-sized tube of Baby Kisses, which is a great lip moisturizer! Of course, being the lip balm snobs that we are, Grace and I had to try this right away. She approved and so did I. Worked great after the pool today!
  • Two Butt paste bibs! These will be great for the diaper bag!
Thank you Blairex labs!

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