Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Random pics!

Our new couches! I got a great deal on them and got to practice my bargaining skills. They were listed for $1200(their final final going out of business price lol), I got them down to $950! They're a lot bigger than we originally thought lol, but we like them. :) (thanks J&E for being our delivery service...we promise *wink* that you won't have to move them out of here)

My girls (I swear she isn't REALLY evil...just likes to act it)

My aylers (who is currently licking my elbow...yummy!)

Ayla with our midwives Lynette(holding her) and Yvette. We love them dearly and will miss seeing them monthly!

Some of the cheese-O:


It went very well! Considering we all went to bed late and had to be at mass at 8:30am!
Aunt Meghan is the godmother, and Father Fabian is the priest that baptized her (only his second baptism!) There was a shower for Ayla and breakfast after mass in the hall, and there were quite a few people there! It was so sweet of everyone to come and show how much they cared, and Ayla got so many outfits I don't think I'll ever have to do laundry again! Auntie Karen outdid herself yet again lol, and not only made A. a beautiful quilt(still need to get a pic up of it), but a beautiful knit(or crocheted?) blanket and Grace a matching mini-quilt for her dollies! (in addition to the clothes and the doll lol) We also got a bunch of gift cards for fred meyer and joanns! (and mama got a massage....thank you thank you special "friend!") Thank you everyone!

(l to r) Father Fabian, Aunt Meghan, Mommy and Ayla, Daddy, Sister Patricia)

Aunt maymay and Aylers

Aunt Karen getting down and dirty with the girly

Gorgeous hand-pieced sunbonnet sue quilt from Josie!

The little macs.... (l to r) Xander, Ryan and Ayla, Grace, Hayden)

Alex and Daddy (what a little ham!)

To Great-Grandma's house we go!

After the parade we headed up the river to Great-Grandma Doris' house. It was a great visit! Grace slept on daddy for a while when we first got there (kid was beat after all those tootsie rolls!) and Ayla enjoyed meeting her namesake. The marie in Ayla's name comes from Great-Grandma's middle name (also marie). Marie was her aunt, a nurse, who helped deliver her at home! How fitting, huh? And we didn't even know all of this until after A. was born!

We got some great generation shots, and one lovely one of our little plumber.

Cherry Festival!

That time of year again! The annual Cherry Festival came and went this past weekend, and once again it was beautiful just in time for the parade! It was nearly 80 degrees and we got our first mini-roasts from the sun. Our "shy" little girl decided that she wasn't going to be outdone on the candy runs, and walked over and stole some candy from the neighboring kids more than a few times. (Mommy was a bit aggressive too lol) The fatty just slept the whole time. Here are a few pics. Enjoy the one of the painted dogs....that was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

gifts from the heart

Some adorable things that my friend Michelle knit up for our princess. The soaker is almost too tight and I'm devastated! The hat we just got in the mail and adore it. I'm going to have to have her make some more! Thanks michelle, we love them!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008