Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hot hot hot! and other news

I've got to post some pics this week of the some cute ones recently! It was HOT this weekend. Today got up to 100 here, which means town was around 105+! Ayla slept like 13 hours today, she just hates the heat. Grace took a loooong nap too, which is unusual for her. We got some summer storms late in the day that cooled things down, but we were a bunch of pathetic slugs all day.

In other news..... :) We're meeting with the USDA to sign papers and get our COE on Tuesday! The house is going through! Title should be opened this week, and site work will *hopefully* begin withing a couple of weeks. We're still kind of in shock lol.... Grace is going to the sitter on Tuesday and aylers and I will be meeting daddy and the USDA guy in the morning, then she and I are off to mommy's weekly deals (see the first post!)

by the way, does anyone want a really cute red heeler? She ate Grace's Dora slip n' slide while we were at church today. No, we didn't leave it out. She OPENED THE TOTE AND DRAGGED IT OUT HERSELF! Freaking houdini dog! Gaah!

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