Tuesday, July 29, 2008


One thing that has bothered me tremendously lately is that we can't afford on our budget to give. We barely barely make it by as it is, so there has never been leftover for a charity, or church, or whatever.
I realized while coupon organizing yesterday that I can give now. I get so many things for free through coupons and deals, that if I only had some more coupons, I would be able to fill the shelves at our church pantry! So I called some people, begging coupons off of them and explaining my plan. Everyone I talked to was on board! Woohoo! And I discovered there is a newspaper recycling center behind Kramer's (the small market here) that I can go dumpster diving in. (teehee...only the coupon-obsessed would get giddy at the prospect of dumpster diving!)

So ya...there's my plan. I hope that I can round up enough q's to start filling those shelves! (I mean, why else would I need a free glucose monitor?!)

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