Friday, July 25, 2008

Deals of the week!

I got six more bags of free diapers from walgreen's! That fills the closet and Bryce has officially banned any more, considering we only use disposables at night and while out!

Also at walgreen's this week:
*Free Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber starter kit! They had a free-after rebate form in the ads, and I had a $2.75 off coupon, so after a stamp to mail it I made $2.34!
*School supplies on sale! A lot of 5cent items. With the $5 register rewards from the diapers, I only spent $4.84 on a huge bag of supplies! And nothing out of pocket, as I used my walgreen's gift card from last month's rebates!

*4/$1 colored pencils (G. loves these!) and 5/$1 glue!

*More 5cent supplies! I spent a whopping $.65 here lol.

There were more, but it's been a long week folks, and I've got a nephew to go play with!

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