Thursday, July 10, 2008

frugality rocks!

Yesterday we picked up two free kettle brand items. You know, the maker of the BEST CHIPS EVER! They sent me two coupons for free products, any price or size. We got some almond butter (mmm!) which we could NEVER afford in real life ($7.99!) and some of our favorite salt & fresh ground pepper chips! Grace loves these....she's my spicy girl. Thanks kettle!

With my faster connection, I'm downloading couponbar in my attempt to print internet coupons. I'm one of the unlucky few that has a lot of problems with it.

And for my coupon friends, and my MT fellow addicts, a HUGE LIST of printable coupons for you! (thanks Freebies4Mom!)

I haven't found much I'm interested in as far as coupons go this week. I've got enough toothpaste for a lifetime, so I'm passing up Rite Aid's free toothpaste SCR. I do need to check into Albertson's next week to claim my IOU's for the BIC soleil razors! ($.29 each!)

Btw, did I mention how much i LOVE albie's? They take all coupons from other stores. You just can't beat that. Is it terrible of me to find the coupons at Freddie's (they have the best hangers) and take them to Albie's? Nah, there is nothing wrong with being cheap! And we need to make every cent count.

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