Tuesday, April 29, 2008


It went very well! Considering we all went to bed late and had to be at mass at 8:30am!
Aunt Meghan is the godmother, and Father Fabian is the priest that baptized her (only his second baptism!) There was a shower for Ayla and breakfast after mass in the hall, and there were quite a few people there! It was so sweet of everyone to come and show how much they cared, and Ayla got so many outfits I don't think I'll ever have to do laundry again! Auntie Karen outdid herself yet again lol, and not only made A. a beautiful quilt(still need to get a pic up of it), but a beautiful knit(or crocheted?) blanket and Grace a matching mini-quilt for her dollies! (in addition to the clothes and the doll lol) We also got a bunch of gift cards for fred meyer and joanns! (and mama got a massage....thank you thank you special "friend!") Thank you everyone!

(l to r) Father Fabian, Aunt Meghan, Mommy and Ayla, Daddy, Sister Patricia)

Aunt maymay and Aylers

Aunt Karen getting down and dirty with the girly

Gorgeous hand-pieced sunbonnet sue quilt from Josie!

The little macs.... (l to r) Xander, Ryan and Ayla, Grace, Hayden)

Alex and Daddy (what a little ham!)

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