Sunday, August 5, 2007

Grace and her new pool! (and other pics)

Grace and dad in her new pool!

Mom and Sprout get to play too. :)

Grace and Jeffrey, the boy next door that gave her the new pool.

Grace "helping" pick the garden. She loves her broccoli!

And some garden pics:

Roma tomatoes (we have three or four of these plants)

Cherry tomatoes. These are about 6 feet tall and just laden with tomaters. We have about six or seven of these type.

There are five Brandywine, a pear, a jellybean, some early girl, patio prize, and a few more full of maters. We're kind of getting overrun... lol.

1 comment:

Jari said...

Such a fruitful garden!! And a beautiful little girl, rockin husband, and a great little sprout in the belly!!!